a designer with passion for technique, his mission is to create user friendly products

This is what he created.

Thesis: improving the navigation in the KLM smartphone app

KLM Logo

This blogpost shows a summary of his thesis in which he improved the navigation in the KLM app to further improve the user experience during the customer journey. Read More...

Logo creation: 3L training & coaching

3L training & coaching Logo

Trainer and coach Jurriaan van Driel needed a logo. More details will follow about the end results.

Personal Trainer: Samson Fit and Health

Samson Fit and Health logo

He created this website for personal trainer Rico Samson. Rico coaches in Amsterdam. To let the world know the services Rico offers to make people fit and live healthier. AP created the website and logo. To see the end results you can find the website here.

Following NodeJS classes

NodeJS logo

The final-assignment of the course was to build a nodejs webapp that is displaying pictures that registered users have uploaded to the MySQL database, and everybody had to be able to give comments to the pictures. More details? Will follow


A preview of the website of after school care centre Majest, displayed on a MacBook

A project that brings the atmosphere of the after school care centre Majest back in their website. Read More...

Front-End Developent 2 Curriculum

JavaScript Logo

In this curriculum it was all about bringing the JavaScript skills to a next level. From knowing the basic stuff, to the level that you can make your own web-app. Want to know more about the proces and see the end result? Read More...

Portfolio 2.0

A MacBook showing the portfolio website of AP.

Using his current knowledge to build a website that represents his construction skills but also him personal. How did he do it? Read More...


A picture that shows an smartphone, an discoball and a HUE light bulb, these three together represents HueDancer.

An iPhone application that brings your kids' disco party to a next level. The dance movements are the input and you can see the output on the Philips HUE Lights. Read More...

Mobile Order Flow

An example from a classic order input field and the next generation order input fields.

A mobile order flow that make's it fun to buy online with your smartphone. Before building, a survey was done with 47 people. Read More...

LocalLight Concept

An example of the LocalLight concept by showing a guy, with a fishing rod and with on the end a light bulb.

LocalLight is a concept which make's it possible to give the right amount of light in an office in order to be able to do your work. LocalLight is a renewable energy concept that came together by using two elements: smartphones and light. Read More...


A machine that can stimulate the cohesion in a neighbourhood. Bring the younger people in connection with the older people by collecting photos together. Read More...

This is who he is.

ArnoPaul Roskam is the name

His look

An photo of: me, AP, ArnoPaul Roskam.

Some info about his study

So, he studies Communication and Multimedia Design at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. In May 2016 he will be graduating. The past six months (Oct. 2015 - April 2016) he has been working on his thesis at the ‘Mobile’ division of KLM. He focused on improving the navigation in the KLM smartphone app.

Before Communication and Multimedia design he studied ICT manager and finished that study in 2010.

Some personal info

He works in a restaurant, that's why he problably loves good food. He like's to sport, travel, watch a good movie and enjoy life at the best.

Some GoPro moments
An GoPro capture of me Skydiving, showing the awesome finger sign. The fall was in Cairns, Australia 2013. An GoPro selfie off-piste snowboarding, creating some powpow in Valgardena, Italy, 2013. An GoPro selfie inside the tube of the North-South line in Amsterdam, 2014. An GoPro selfie together with a turtle, while I'm freediving in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia, 2013.

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